There are many hosting companies around nowadays, I would say maybe a few thousand. Who do you turn to for hosting? What different types of hosting there is which you require? There are many different types of hosting and without the basic knowledge of the Internet your not going to know what type of hosting do you want.

What Type of Hosting Do You Need?

There are billions websites online on the Internet and that number is increasingly growing , and all those websites are being hosted by a web host provider, But what type of hosting is good for you? Do you require a dedicated server? a VPS? or just plain shared hosting?

Shared Hosting

If you plan to just have a wordpress blog then mostly you’d just want a basic shared hosting which should cost you nothing more than $5 a month depending on how many Database’s you get with it , disk space and bandwidth. But if you are going to run a very busy site with loads of downloads direct from your website you may want to think about buying a VPS or a Dedicated server to keep up with bandwidth demand! The last thing you want is to be on the wrong package and then run out of resources.

Ask Sales

Many web hosts now a days offer sales support before you buy so if your not quite sure what package is best for you then you can contact them and they will offer you the best package tailored for you , or in some cases they will offer you a customized plan just for you!

There Are Many Plans

Also web hosts usually don’t just have 1 plan! They have about 3 to 5 plans in their shared hosting , which can differ from bandwidth allocation to how much storage you get to how many MySQL Databases you are given. Those will change the price for your hosting but even still you should not be paying more than $10 a month for your hosting , unless your being offered unlimited that is, Which of course we know is not unlimited as you cannot have a unlimited hard drive now can we? You can have unmetered but not unlimited. Unmetered is usually when the host does not meter or tap your disk space, although if you seem to be using to much they may limit or tap your usage and they may suspended your account for a little while.

So the next time you need hosting, look around, look at reviews and see what others think!